Reef Enhance

Reef Enhance™ creates real microplankton for your reef aquarium.  When added to aquarium water, the dried cyst hatches and become a live food source to the reef system.  Reef Enhance can be used with other coral foods to stimulate feeding response in all types of coral, filter feeders and invertebrates.


  • Stimulates copepod feeding and reproduction
  • All natural plankton without preservative
  • Facilitates the breakdown of phytoplankton
  • Dry cysts does not need water for storage
  • Long refrigeration life of up to 2 years

Suggested use:

  • Feed: 1 scoop per 25 gallons
  • Pre-mix with a few ounces of aquarium water to allow microplankton to hatch
  • Dose directly into high current area inside aquarium
  • Refrigerate after opening