Filter Sock - 10 microns - 4"

NOTE 4/2024:  The 4" diameter 10 micron is out of stock, but I do have plenty of 4" 5 micron  socks in stock. 7" diameter 10 micron still in stock.

This filter sock is designed specifically for very fine filtration such as Phosphate Rx dosing, trapping the flocculant in the sock within a few hours.  Anything larger than 10 microns will be captured within, resulting in a clear tank in a very short time span.  

Install the sock in your sump to catch the water draining from the display tank, dose your tank with Phosphate Rx in the skimmer section, and in a few hours remove the sock and clean it thoroughly for next time since these filter socks are reusable. Turn sock inside-out and rinse with a garden hose. For best results use a high-pressure water nozzle. Rinsing should be performed after each use. 

4" diameter sock, 14" length
7" diameter sock, 17" length