Live Rock Enhance

Live Rock Enhance is a new product by the people at ReefBrite. I've used it a few times and am very impressed.

I used this in a nearly 3-year old frag system and within a couple of weeks the rockwork looked far cleaner than it had in years, and the coralline seemingly took off. I'll do a full blog and link it here later.  Additionally, I used it in my 400g reef twice without incident.

This is not a food. It's a mix of bacterias that will devour waste and increase rock porosity anew. 

Since it is very new, we are still learning what it can do. I was able to observe cyanobacteria fade away due to dosing Live Rock Enhance. I'm curious if it will end up defeating dinoflagellates ( we need someone to give that a try ), and it should help with younger / newer reef tanks as well. My tanks are 3 and 5 years old, so it was the perfect product for me to try out, and even my tank sitter sent me a text recently saying how my reef looked so clean when I was out of town.

Additional information can be found here: