100gpd RO system freshwater

Produce pure reverse-osmosis water at home. Under ideal conditions, the system produces 100 gallons in a 24 hour period.

1 year warranty

1) Hang this RO system on the wall securely. It's heavy when full of water.
2) Connect the red tubing to your cold water source using one of the included connections.
3) Put the black tubing in a nearby drain (waste water)
4) The blue tubing is the product water, ready to use.

When first installed, run the RO system for one hour to export the food grade preservative in the membrane. This water is not to be used for anything. 

Every time you turn on the system, it is recommended to run it for 90 seconds to quickly flush out the higher total dissolved solids, and throw this water sample (approx 4oz) away. After the 90 seconds, you can start making water to use for drinking or your aquarium.