Gryphon AquaSaw C-40 XL

This is the Gryphon AquaSaw, designed for fragging corals with a 42" diamond coated blade. It cuts through corals easily, including serpentine cuts around polyps (Acans, for example).

  • 40mph blade speed for very fast cutting
  • Designed for saltwater use with all plastic parts 
  • Powerful motor mounted on top - away from water
  • Large platform
  • Large water tray recirculates coolant
  • Simple, reliable design for low maintenance
  • From the company that invented the glass band saw in 1976
  • Made in U.S.A. 

14" x 14" x 19.5" when assembled
5" vertical height for cutting zone
110v motor - 1 amp (81 watts is what I measured with a Killowatt device) 

Use saltwater in the reservoir, not freshwater. 1/4" to 1/2" of water is plenty and avoids excess splashing. Change the water each time you change coral species to avoid contamination or chemical issues that could affect corals adversely.