Elos Nitrate Test Kit

Measuring Nitrate is important for the health of your corals and fish. The Elos Nitrate kit is easy to read against the color chart. No more second guessing the results.

  • Batch validated by NIST* for the most accurate KH readout!
  • Real Color Technology with calibrated color chart for accuracy
  • Very Low range (1 mg/l.) ideal for Reef aquariums
  • Calibrated Droppers - Every drop is exactly the same size!
  • Safe Non-toxic Lab Quality Reagents
  • Easy to Use
  • 50+ tests per kit
  • Maximum Acceptable NO3 levels: 20 mg/l. (Marine, fish only) 5-10mg/l. (Marine, Reef) 20mg/l (Freshwater)
  • Made In Italy

Measurement range reads 0 to 25ppm