Baffle Kit - 20g Long

All baffle kits are made with 1/4" clear acrylic.
The top of all baffles are rounded over to avoid sharp edges when working in the sump.
Baffles will be cut 1/8" less than your measurement to avoid pressure on the walls of your sump.
No other colors are offered.

Each baffle kit is cut to fit your Do It Yourself sump project. They are made with clear acrylic only. They are made for 20g Long, 29g & 55g aquariums, and 40g Breeder tanks.

Please measure the exact inner width of your aquarium, and send me that measurement. READ NOW: Telling me what brand of tank you have will not help because they are not consistently built to the same size. I will take 1/8" off of YOUR MEASUREMENT to avoid putting pressure on the walls of your aquarium that could crack the tank. You need to measure your aquarium, please.

Baffles for a 20g Long aquarium will be 7" tall, and include four baffles total. All other kits have the skimmer section baffle height at 9", refugium zone at 12".

The refugium baffle's teeth are 1" tall.

Use Aquarium-Safe silicone to affix these into place.