Model M sump - Small

The Model M sump is designed for cube-shaped reefs and fits nicely in the stand. The refugium zone spans the entire front, with the skimmer and return zones in back. The skimmer zone (rear left) has a bubble tower and probe holder, and the return zone has a top off switch bracket. Sumps come as pictured, including two 1" slip bulkheads to simplify installation.

Having the refugium in the front showcases the macro algae and pods, illustrating the benefit of natural filtration via photosynthesis to others.

If the bubble tower takes up too much space, a filter sock can be installed instead to accommodate a protein skimmer's footprint. If you need a custom size, email me.

20" x 16" x 16" - $510 (Including shipping in the continental U.S.)

20" x 20" x 16" - $550 (Including shipping in the continental U.S.)