Phosphate Rx

"It doesn't get easier than this! I've been using Phosphate Rx for the past decade for PO4 control, exclusively." - melev

Reduce Phosphate levels in your tank immediately with Phosphate Rx by Blue Life USA.  

  • Reef Safe
  • Quick and Effective
  • Works in Fresh and Saltwater
  • Veterinarian Approved

1 oz / 30ml : 600 drops per bottle (treats 1000 gallons)

TEST YOUR AQUARIUM’S PHOSPHATE LEVEL PRIOR TO USE. It is recommended to maintain phosphate levels at or below 0.03ppm.

Six drops of Phosphate Control will lower your phosphate by .5ppm for every 10 gallons (37.9L) of water. DO NOT LOWER YOUR PHOSPHATES MORE THAN .5ppm IN A 24-HOUR PERIOD. For best results, add in high flow areas, one drop at a time. Some temporary cloudiness may occur when adding this product. Cloudiness will clear within 24-hours. For accurate results, wait 24-hours before retesting your phosphate level. Wait ten minutes before dosing other supplements. Test regularly and treat as necessary. Details.

melev's recommendation: I use Phosphate Rx about every 10 weeks, or 5x a year -- I use about two bottles a year. When PO4 measures .25ppm, then I'll dose the tank and bring it back down to 0 overnight. It's super easy to use, just drip it into the skimmer section after lights out while the fish are sleeping. The tank will get cloudy and the skimmer will export it overnight. By morning the water will be crystal clear and you can test PO4 to see how much phosphate was removed from the system. Recently this year, BlueLife USA started offering 10micron filter socks to use with Phosphate Rx, which works even quicker trapping the flocculant in two hours flat. This is practical if you have a show tank that can't be cloudy due to public viewings. 

Add a 10 micron filter sock to your order. These socks are designed to be used with Phosphate Rx and will quickly trap the flocculant in a couple of hours and clear your display tank fast: Purchase 10-micron socks