RedCyano Rx

Includes product and small dosing spoon.

To eliminate Cyano bacteria blooms in your tank, RedCyano Rx by Blue Life USA is the product to use.

  • Reef Safe
  • Quick and Effective
  • Will not discolor water
  • Veterinarian Approved

2 grams / .07 oz

melev's recommendation:  To treat your tank with best results, it would be best to siphon out as much of the cyanobacteria out of your tank first. Reducing the volume of red slime from the aquarium helps avoid issues. Be sure to point one powerhead at the surface to get strong rippling, which improves oxygenation of the water. Plugging in an air pump and airstone to add oxygen to the water is another good idea, especially in tanks with low flow.

Turn off the protein skimmer, and stop running carbon and GFO. The tank can be treated day or night, and all of your livestock is safe. While the tank is being treated, start mixing up new saltwater because a big water change is next. After 72 hours, check the tank and if the cyano is gone, do a 25% or larger water change. If cyano is still present, wait another 24 hours. If it is still present, treat the tank again. Once the cyano is gone, do the big water change. The bigger the better because the product will cause protein skimmers to overflow initially.  Adjust the skimmer to the lowest water level in the body, and as the collection cup fills with watery skimmate, toss it out.  Keep tossing out skimmate and replenish the system with more saltwater. After a few hours, the skimmer should settle down finally. If microbubbles are getting the best of you, put a filter sock on the output of the skimmer for the first day.