Coral View Lens v2

Capturing nature beauty in a perfect light, with the perfect angle using your smart phone or tablet have never been so easy with the new Polyplab Coral View Lens.

Taking pictures of your beautiful corals often requires changing your aquarium light color spectrum or mount complex lighting setup. With the new Polyplab Coral View Lens, take pictures quickly and easily for the perfect shot every time. 

The Polyplab Coral View Lens fits on the majority of the smartphone and tablets available on the market and all optical lens comes in their own protective casing for years of uses.

This kit includes:
The Lens Clip
Three threaded filters (yellow, orange & magnification)
Cleaning cloth
Lens cap

melev's thoughts: The magnification filter is excellent for things closer to the glass of your aquarium. The colored filters are best used when your aquarium is in the blueish spectrum, and depending on the intensity of the blue you may even opt to use both colors at the same time (stacked on top of each other) to reduce the typical blue haze seen when taking pictures with a smartphone or tablet. I liked this kit so much, I decided to sell them from my website.