RO Drinking Water Upgrade Kit

Delicious filtered drinking water and crystal clear ice crumbs!

RO Drinking Water Upgrade Kit includes everything you need to make your existing (or yet to be purchased) 100GPD or 150 GPD RO/DI unit into a useful, convenient walter filtration system for your everyday drinking water needs. With the bladder tank under your kitchen sink and the beautiful chrome spigot installed, you can have cool fresh RO water to drink any time you need it. Want it ice cold? Simply attach your RO unit to your freezer's water supply and make crystal clear RO ice cubes for your drinking pleasure. 


  • 3 Gallon Bladder Tank & Fittings
  • Fancy Chrome Spigot & Fittings
  • 12ft of blue 1/4" RO/DI tubing (if more is needed to reach your system it can be purchased by the foot) 
  • Check valve