150 GPD Boosted RO/DI System

If you rely on well water or have lower water pressure at your residence, this system is perfect for you. After personally testing it for my reef's needs, I knew it was the ideal RO/DI system for myself -- as well as my customers. The Boosted RO/DI System will care for your larger reef setup beautifully, and it's greener too with the lower waste ratio.


  • 150 gallons per day (6.25 gallons per hour)
  • 2:1 waste ratio - wastes less water!
  • Dual TDS meter with easy-to-read display measures before and after DI stage.
  • Assembled and ready to use out of the box, installs in minutes
  • 5 micron Sediment filter included
  • Two 5 micron Carbon Blocks included
  • 150GPD CSM membrane with 93% rejection rate
  • Separate DI section designed to avoid TDS creep via bleed-off valve
  • Color changing DI resin cartridge included
  • Clear acrylic housings to see filter conditions
  • Automatic Shut Off Valve included
  • Designed for low water pressure systems
  • 110v Booster pump increases pressure up to 75 PSI
  • Pressure switch shuts off Booster Pump automatically
  • Larger bracket support holds everything securely
  • Pressure gauge to verify proper pressure at the membrane (CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK)
  • All fittings included to install in various configurations
  • Collect delicious drinking water from the bleed-off valve
  • Filter housing wrench included
  • 6' of tubing in all three colors
  • Drinking (RO) water as well as Reef (DI) water from the same system!
  • 1 year warranty

The booster pump turns on automatically when water is being produced, and shuts off when you close the RO or DI ball valve (both must be closed). Once the system pressurizes, everything is silent until you need it again. This system does make sound, which I would compare to the sound of filling up the ice maker in your refrigerator. The sound will probably help you remember to shut it off and avoid those accidental floods we sometimes cause. Set a timer as a reminder to check on the water collection progress.

150 gallons per day equals 6.25 gallons per hour, producing water when desired. Water conditions vary from county to county, and will affect production rates. The membrane's lifespan is rated 1-5 years, depending on water conditions and usage. Colder source water will slow production, but the booster pump will definitely help during winter months.

The 150gpd membrane, all the filters, the add-on DI section, the booster pump, a dual-inline TDS meter, a pressure gauge, wall brackets, tee fittings, ball valves, filter housing wrench, various source water & drain connections, and tubing. 

Installation is simple, and takes about 10 - 20 minutes. This system is 16" wide, 9" deep, 19" tall, not including the separate DI section. You need a nearby outlet* for the 110v booster pump to plug into. It comes on automatically when making water, and after you close the ball valve of the RO or DI line, the system pressurizes and becomes silent. The booster pump shuts off simultaneously with that silence. These are the installation instructions. If you run into any questions, please contact me. 

** Do not use the powered outlet under the sink that the garbage disposal plugs into. That outlet is off unless you flip on the designated light switch to run the disposal, right?

This product, like the one I've been selling for years, will allow you to make drinking water and RO/DI water for your reef. This setup would be good for people with well-water, with larger tanks, and with a tank-maintenance business. With the higher PSI pressure, the membrane will be more efficient: low TDS coming out of the RO membrane; production rates will be faster; and waste water should be lessened. (2:1 waste ratio)

We stock all parts, filters, membranes and connections to keep your RO/DI system running well for years to come.